What I can Do for Filson


I'm an expert content marketer and lifelong traveler who loves to be outdoors, meet and learn from new people, and find beautiful, striking ways to tell stories. I know the value of durable, well-designed clothing firsthand—I've taken several 3-week trips carrying only a backpack, first with friends across the American West and later alone in Europe. I would have been much better off if I'd had my Alaskan Guide Shirt and Field Parka back then.

I began my career in journalism, where I honed my interviewing skills, learned to pitch and defend ideas, and developed a fierce editorial eye. Later, I headed to Scotland to earn my M.Sc. in Environment and Development (and to hike around the Midlands, tripping over grouse and tasting whiskies). Today, as the content director at a marketing agency, I work directly with clients to develop and execute complex content strategies.

I'm eager to find a place where I can use all of the skills I've gained to continue exploring this wild, magnificent world and sharing it with other people. I hope that place can be Filson, but regardless, I will remain a happy customer of your brand.


  • B2C Content Strategy
  • Mastery of Written Communication
  • Writing in a Brand Voice and Following a Style Guide
  • Interviewing Subjects for Profile Pieces
  • Video and Photo Editing
  • Building Multiplatform Content Calendars
  • Finding and Cultivating Brand Advocates
  • Recruiting and Managing Freelancers
  • Collaborating with Colleagues on Strategy and Execution
  • Learning New Skills Quickly

The job description as posted didn't appear to include content analytics, engagement optimization, search engine optimization, or other such technical content skills, but I have extensive experience in those areas and would be happy to talk to you more about them. 

Note: all photographs on this page and throughout this website are my own.


Current Work

VIEO DESIGN | Content Director

Jan 2016 – Present


Emily is a valued asset to the VIEO Design family. She's a self-starter and natural leader. She produces high-quality work and pays attention to the details necessary to produce remarkable content for VIEO and our clients. I'm thankful and proud to have her on my team.

- Holly Yalove, CMO, VIEO Design

As content director, I'm responsible for crafting content strategies for VIEO and dozens of digital marketing and website design clients. I work with one full-time content marketing manager and 10+ freelancers to create a wide range of compelling content designed to help our clients better connect with their customers. Throughout my day, I switch between high-level content strategy and immediate-mode execution, working closely with our project managers, designers, and business development team.

I've also been the "Voice of VIEO" for nearly 5 years, beginning when I was brought on as the company's first content writer. I've managed, edited, and been the primary contributor to our blog for my whole tenure here, so I was delighted when we were ranked #31 on Feedspot’s Top 100 Inbound Marketing Blogs list alongside brands like Moz and Copyblogger. Drawing on my digital experience and years in journalism, I specialize in crafting content strategies that balance the brand's voice and identity with the customer's needs, wants, and tastes.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining up-to-the-minute knowledge of content marketing, SEO, UX, and conversion optimization best practices
  • Planning, overseeing, executing, and continually improving numerous content campaigns for multiple clients with different buyer personas and pain points, including extensive work with B2C brands
  • Cultivating relationships with industry influencers to secure reviews and promotions for clients
  • Creating and documenting detailed, long-term content strategy plans for clients based on everything from Google Analytics to HubSpot, heat maps, client interviews, brand assets, and competitive analysis
  • Establishing scope and processes for a range of new content services, and making ROI-driven suggestions about services to downplay or eliminate
  • Served on leadership team to determine company direction, service offerings, staffing choices, etc.

My work at VIEO also allowed me to be nominated for and win Knoxville’s Best Blogger (2015 and 2016) in the AAF Knoxville Big Wig Awards, and to be credited for contributions to a number of Gold and Silver Knoxville ADDY Awards.

KNOX VEGAN | Founder & Managing Editor



Emily is a delight to work with on Knox Vegan. She has been quick to offer help in content development, editing, and marketing of Knox Vegan. She has clearly shown that she is very talented in creating and maintaining the intellectual vision of Knox Vegan, and I would love to work with her again!

- Hannah Gunderman, Contributor

When I started Knox Vegan more than two years ago, I only planned to share my experiences searching out vegan options in Knoxville, Tennessee. I had no idea how many people would be interested, and traffic grew quickly. By focusing on positive recognition of local restaurants and businesses for what they offer rather than taking a critical approach, I was able to make connections and gain access to create exclusive content and reach new audiences. Until recently, I wrote, photographed, and filmed all site content myself, but working with carefully-vetted guest bloggers has increased traffic further and broadened the scope of what we are able to cover.

Key achievements include:

  • Knoxvegan.com ranks #1 for search terms including “Knoxville vegan” and “vegan Knoxville” over national review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Happy Cow
  • Since I began collecting contact information in October 2016, the email list has grown to nearly 450 subscribers
  • Email engagement has been consistently high, with an average open rate of 54.5% and click rate of 15.4%
  • Knox Vegan is regularly solicited for product reviews and recently contributed to a U.S. News article on vegan living


VIEO DESIGN | Content Marketing Manager


Feb 2013 – Jan 2016

I joined VIEO Design as a part-time copywriter with no formal job title. As the only person in the department, It was largely up to me to define our content needs, and I was promoted rapidly with escalating responsibilities based on performance. Less than two months later, I was a full-time content marketing manager.

Since then, I have been responsible for creating and consulting on web, print, and broadcast content, including blog posts, short and long-form videos, ebooks, social media posts, infographics, white papers, promotional materials, print advertisements, press releases, and books. As content marketing manager, I also proposed working with freelance writers, drafted processes and timelines for freelance work, and made sure that all deliverables underwent strict quality control. 

FREELANCE | Writer, Editor, and Videographer


I've worked on a wide variety of projects in a freelance capacity, though nearly all have involved some form of storytelling. Here are a few examples, beginning with the most recent:

  • Shot and edited a promotional video for a $900,000 home for Sotheby's International Realty
  • Led a team in the 2017 Knoxville 54 Film Fest and directed the resulting short film, Support Group
  • Consulted on, edited, and proofed The Enduring Organization: How Leaders Revive & Sustain Relevance by Hal McLean and Frank Mellon 
  • Proposed and wrote articles for a number of print and digital news and lifestyle publications, including Chattavegan and the Hellbender Press, an environmental newspaper
  • Served on a team in the 2013 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Fest and wrote the resulting short film, We All Fall Down
  • Proposed, organized, and mediated the panel “Communities and Water Policy: Awareness and Action” for the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists’ Spring Conference in April 2010
  • Co-founded and served as editor of The Underground: Blount’s Alternative Voice, a weekly student newspaper covering local, national, and world trends and events as well as arts and entertainment

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH | M.Sc. in Environment and Development

Degree awarded Aug 2012

From August 2011 to August 2012, I was a part of a interdisciplinary year-long taught master's program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Program courses included Human Dimensions of Environmental Change and Sustainability, International Development, Water Resources Management, Land Use and Environmental Interactions, Society and Development, and Sustainability of Food Production, as well as a certification course in Environmental Impact Assessment.

I chose to focus on international policies impacting food production, and my master's dissertation "Theorizing Food Sovereignty: An Analysis of Public and Academic Discourse" was awarded distinction (the UK honors equivalent) and selected for the Landscape Research Group's Master's Prize in the category of Practical Science and Planning. 


FORT LOUDOUN LAKE ASSOCIATION | Administrative Coordinator

Jan – Oct 2010

The Fort Loudoun Lake Association was a water quality nonprofit serving the upper Tennessee river.  Stepping in to the role of administrative coordinator during a rocky leadership transition, I managed communications and team logistics, consistently taking initiative to pursue media opportunities that built brand recognition and increased the donor base.

Key responsibilities included:


Emily was an excellent Administrative Coordinator, and in my opinion, should have been the next Executive Director of the Fort Loudoun Lake Association. Her work was well above her pay grade. I highly recommend her, without any reservations, for any job she chooses to pursue.

- Jake Hudson, Lake Captain, Fort Loudoun Lake Association

  • Maintaining consistent and targeted social media communications
  • Generating and updating website content
  • Leading outreach and education programs for community service organizations, recreational clubs, and private groups
  • Managing all media communications, including phased media alerts and releases
  • Arranging and giving television, radio, and print interviews, and cultivating productive working relationships with media partners
  • Producing and hosting “The Lake Show,” a weekly community television show featuring guests who promote clean water through stormwater management, sustainable agriculture, outdoor recreation, and more
  • Presenting the stormwater education portion of the Water Quality Forum’s rain barrel workshops

E.W. SCRIPPS – BLOUNT TODAY | Reporter and Editorial Assistant

Jul 2005 – Feb 2010

I started working with Blount Today as a freelance reporter during college and was promoted to editorial assistant based on quality of work and initiative. Working directly under the editor and closely with the publisher and other staff members on a small, tightly-knit team was an incredible opportunity to observe and influence the entire process of producing a newspaper. My most significant contribution was successfully proposing the Web Exclusives section at a time when the paper had no original online reporting.

Key responsibilities included:

  • Proposing, researching, and writing articles on a variety of local events and issues for the print edition of the newspaper
  • Writing and editing online-only articles for the Blount Today website after the launch of the Web Exclusives section
  • Filtering and prioritizing incoming news and community correspondence
  • Maintaining up-to-date masters for the print edition using Quark and Adobe InDesign
  • Interviewing community members and business owners
  • Photographing local events and interviewees for publication

Like so many other small papers, Blount Today is no longer in operation, but it lives on through its Wikipedia page.

MARYVILLE COLLEGE | B.A. in Religious Studies

Degree Awarded May 2008


I graduated summa cum laude with a major in religious studies and minors in sociology and English, as well as a concentration in Philosophy. I was a member of the Environmental Action Team, represented Maryville at the Henrix-Lilly Vocation and Film Conference, and received a Summer Lilly Internship Grant to conduct thesis research in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I spend the summer after my junior year in Belfast, working under faculty members at Trinity College's Reconciliation Studies program as an academic assistant. During that time, I copy-edited Evangelicalism and Conflict in Northern Ireland (published 2008) for Dr. Gladys Ganiel, who was kind enough to include me in the credits.

My senior thesis, “Troubled: Churches and Church Leaders in the Conflict in Northern Ireland,” relied heavily on research I was able to do in Northern Ireland. When I graduated, I was awarded the Bates Award for the senior who has demonstrated the most ability in religion or philosophy.

Hobbies & Activities

I've always been a passionate movie lover, and I recently started working on short films as a screenwriter and director.

My last serious project was the dark comedy Support Group, which I directed as a part of the Knoxville 54 Film Fest competition. My last not-so-serious project was a video for a fantasy football league, which turned out to be the most fun I've had behind the camera (though it did involve ignoring a few copyrights—sorry, NFL). 

I also love taking pictures, and have been working hard to develop my technical skills after buying a Nikon D610. It has allowed me to take on occasional freelance videography and photography projects, which are great opportunities to strengthen my lighting, sound, and editing skills. When I need a break from my “hobbies,” I cook, read, and spend time with my partner Dave and our dogs taking road trips in a bright blue Sprinter van. I call her Bluebell. 


Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, and I hope I get the chance to speak with you.