Content Strategy

Content Strategy Consulting for VIEO Design

The consulting portion of my content strategy work for VIEO, where I serve as content director, has allowed me to work with such diverse clients as South College, Aspire Private Wealth Counsel, Sibyl, Avrio Analytics, Duvall in the Smokies RV Campground, and Results HR. For these projects, I conduct client interviews, extensive industry research, competitor analysis, SEO and analytics review, and an in-depth study of the client's existing materials to make detailed, prioritized recommendations. I also focus on providing supporting resources and education, so that clients with little marketing or communications knowledge are able to fully utilize their content strategy reports.

Selected Consulting Projects

Sibyl is an AI-driven social media sentiment analysis platform that adapts to your brand voice on an account-by-account level. I conducted an extensive brand positioning, buyer persona, and content strategy analysis resulting in a 16-page report with detailed action items and supporting resources. The initial consulting was so successful that they came back for a similar content strategy project for Sibyl's parent company, Avrio Analytics.


Avrio Analytics is a data consultancy that specializes in cognitive targeting via a powerful, proprietary AI/machine learning platform they developed. I worked with them to provide content strategy for a home page redesign, and am in the process of writing content that will be published when the new home page is launched. 


As a part of a massive website redesign project, I conducted a content audit resulting in a 10-page content strategy report for South College. This report included an analysis of South College’s current content needs and status, including strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for further action. Topics included organic search ranking priorities, creating mobile-friendly content, suggested changes to PPC and social ad landing pages, brand positioning, user experience, and site navigation strategy. I later relied on this report while working on 75 pages of copywriting required to launch the new website.


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Knox Vegan

As the founder and managing editor of Knox Vegan, I serve as the webmaster, site designer, primary contributor, and gatekeeper of all content.

I both field requests from and solicit guest bloggers, partner brands, and sponsors, and I've worked hard to optimize the site for organic traffic and conversions. It has been essential to protect the integrity of the brand by making sure promotional content is consistent with our voice and the interests of our readership. 

I monitor mentions via Google Alerts and look for opportunities to work with new media parters using tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO), which resulted in several quotes and a backlink (the coveted first link, no less) in an article from US News ("How to Save Money by Going Vegetarian").

  • ranks #1 for search terms including “Knoxville vegan” and “vegan Knoxville” over national review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Happy Cow
  • Since I began collecting contact information in October 2016, the email list has grown to roughly 608 subscribers
  • Engagement has been consistently high, with an average open rate of 54.5% and click rate of 15.4%

Everything Vegan Giveaway Campaign

Working with the founder of an ecommerce site called Everything Vegan, I developed a campaign around a giveaway to build my email list and engage current subscribers. The grand prize was a $25 gift card, and 5 other winners received stickers.

*Note that subscribers were able to enter by replying to the email, so most entries aren't reflected in the click rate

*Note that subscribers were able to enter by replying to the email, so most entries aren't reflected in the click rate

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I created this GIF from original photography using Photoshop

I created this GIF from original photography using Photoshop


Product Photography for Campaign:


Ongoing Strategy for retainer clients

Unlike my content strategy consulting work, ongoing marketing strategy for retainer clients allows us to effectively track the results of our blog posts, social media posts, emails, and outreach efforts. In addition to both native and supplementary analytics platforms, we use tools like tracking links and call tracking to measure success. I have worked extensively in WordPress, HubSpot, and Squarespace, and I'm certain I can become proficient in a new CMS quickly.

For retainer clients, we begin with annual marketing strategy, in which department heads including myself meet to discuss how we can use the tools at hand to accomplish the client's business goals. At that time, we document general strategies and specific tactics we plan to use, any applicable goal metrics, and assumptions we want to test.  Then, in monthly strategy meetings, we revisit these benchmarks and adjust strategies and tactics as needed. I'm responsible for month-to-month blog strategy, quality assurance, and execution as needed. I also oversee the content marketing manager, who works directly with carefully-vetted freelance writers and does a great deal of writing and editing herself.

Over the years, I've worked with retainer clients including:

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Written Communications

Selected Blog Posts & Media Releases

Since I moved in to a primarily content strategy role as VIEO's content director, I have been blogging exclusively for VIEO and handling blog strategy for clients. I also blog at Knox Vegan and through Medium.

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For VIEO Design

What Is ADA Website Compliance?

  • Currently has 9,015 views, leading to 31 new contacts, 48 LinkedIn Shares, and 11 Facebook shares
  • Ranks 2nd for "web compliance" and 3rd for "ADA web compliance" (along with 36 other organic keyword rankings)
  • Earned backlinks from referring websites and was republished with permission by Business Woman.

14 Metrics that Reveal Website Functionality Problems 

Customer Lifetime Value: Why, How, and WTF


Staylist Trade Show Banner & Print Ad Content

Staylist is a startup dedicated to improving the booking and reservation process for campgrounds and other rental properties. I've worked on a number of promotional and event materials, advertisements, and landing pages for them during their launch and the early stages of their development. These banners were created for RV and camping industry trade shows and were printed at about 6 feet tall, and the print ads were published in the widely-distributed industry magazine Woodall's Campground Management.

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The Enduring Organization Cover

The Enduring Organization

Though they are at the top of their field as business consultants, Hal and Frank struggled to clarify their message during the writing process. I worked closely with them to understand their business principles, so I could edit their draft without losing the detail and nuance drawn from their experience. After several more rounds of revisions, we had a finished product that I'm very proud of.

"I am a strong believer in economy,  simple and elegant,  and high relevance, when I look to communicate a message.  And, if you can get a little flair and creativity thrown in then you have a winning recipe for compelling communication. I found that whole package in Emily Winsauer. One of her distinguishing capabilities is to work first to deeply understand what it is you are trying to communicate to whom. She works very hard up front to accomplish this which in turns makes the messaging later go very rapidly. She will write all my coming key messages and edit my next book.” – Hal McLean, Owner/Founder, The McLean Group, Inc.



Evangelicalism and Conflict Cover

Evangelicalism and Conflict In Northern Ireland

During my time as an academic assistant and intern at Trinity College Dublin's Reconciliation Studies program in Belfast, I was given the opportunity to copy edit this book for Dr. Gladys Ganiel. At that time, I was conducting research for my undergraduate thesis about the role of churches and church leaders conflict in Northern Ireland, so it was a great opportunity for me to work closely with a leading academic in the field. Dr. Ganiel was kind enough to credit me in the acknowledgements, and I learned a great deal from working with her.


Website Copywriting Projects

I've worked on numerous websites providing copywriting as a part of website redesigns, including the brands below. I began with initial research and an interview with the client to discuss the brand voice and any legal issues, industry lingo, and other limitations or particularity. South College was the largest-scale project, involving 75 pages of copywriting, more than 60 of which were for individual academic programs. Most projects fell in the 10-12 page range, and a few were for one or two high-value pages. Please note that these companies may have made changes to content after delivery. 

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Master's Dissertation

"Theorizing Food Sovereignty: An analysis of public and academic discourse"

Awarded distinction by the University of Edinburgh; received the Landscape Research Group's Master's Prize in Practical Science and Planning

Food is at the nexus of a truly striking range of the global political, environmental, economic and human rights issues we face today, from climate change and water scarcity to poverty and economic stability. The consolidation of each step of food production in the hands of just a few companies has siphoned value and wealth from rural areas, edging out small producers and forcing farmers to becoming a part of the corporate production system. The food sovereignty movement has become one of the most outspoken critics of the globalization of the neoliberal industrial model of agriculture. The development of the global food sovereignty movement over the last two decades constitutes a significant political and social response to the inequalities present in and perpetuated by global food production and distribution systems. Recognizing the growing influence of the food sovereignty movement, this project posits that the movement may be seen as a modern expression of centuries-old debates about political and legal sovereignty. 

Visual Communications

"Why MArketing to Millennials Is a Mistake" Campaign

Videos, Blog Post, and Social Media Posts

Created for VIEO Design, I researched, scripted, and performed in this video about why marketing to millennials isn't all it's cracked up to be. Our design director handled videography, sound, and editing.

I cut this blooper reel from nearly 4 hours of footage to practice my editing skills, and to this day it is my personal record for the most cuts in a video project that I've worked on.


Tour of 920 Cumberland for Alliance Sotheby's International Realty

I had the opportunity to shoot and edit this video for a $900,000 mountainside home with stunning views of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Midday sun and massive windows created some lighting challenges, but that view makes up for all manner of sins.



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